The Bullpen

The bull pen was created to fill a void that Frontier Productions saw. There was no way to easily market your own cattle online, without paying a business to build something from scratch for you. Instead, we built a new site from scratch to serve those who were looking for this service. The bull pen is unique, in that you can create, upload, and list your own events, sales, or single lot auctions. You set the price, you set the time, and you set the terms. With the Bull Pen, you are in control! Of course we also give you the option of having us upload and list you items as well, whichever you prefer!

What the bull pen can help you do, and who it's for:

     Easier and cheaper than having a full scale production sale
     Allows you to maximize profits on each animal sold
     Worldwide exposure to anyone with an internet connection
     Sell 5 lots, or sell 500, you decide
     Introductory price of $25.00 per head, $15.00 per head refunded if animal does not sell
     Simple, easy to use interface
     You can create your own sales, whenever you want!
     The same great customer service you get from Frontier Live Sale
     Removal of several middlemen, ultimately gets you more money per animal sold


Sam Fraser - Manager

And you get the entire Frontier Live Sale Rep team, which is growing every day!